Best Hotels in Uganda – Where to Stay when you travel to Uganda in 2020

Best Hotels in Uganda, Over the years Uganda has registered many hotel establishments to match the high tourist demand. Uganda has upmarket, midrange, and budget hotels spread throughout the different regions of the country. Here are all the information tourists need to help them choose the appropriate hotel facilities:

How many hotels does Uganda have?

Uganda has over 3475 hotels registered by the Uganda Tourism Board. There are over 496 hotels in Uganda’s Central region, more than 302 are in the Western region, over 181 are in the Eastern region, and about 121 hotels are found in the Northern region.

There are over 330 hotels in Uganda’s capital city. Kampala has been ranked the best city to stay in East Africa by Mercer, ahead of Rwanda’s Kigali and Kenya’s Nairobi. Uganda is one African destination tourists arrive at and feel at home right away.

How do Uganda hotels rank in terms of service?

The Uganda tourism board recently carried out a survey to classify the 3475 hotels in Uganda into stars. This was done with the aim of helping tourists know what to expect in terms of service when they visit Uganda.

Kampala Serena Hotel, Sheraton Kampala Hotel, and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, are some of the confirmed 5-star hotels found in the heart of Kampala. Several hotels in Uganda have the capacity to offer state of the art service and luxury treats that can impress any international visitor.

What kind of food do hotels in Uganda serve?

Uganda hotels serve a wide variety of food ranging from local to all sorts of continental, international and exotic dishes. Tourists from any part of the world can be sure to not only survive but also enjoy their stay in Uganda. There is just a wide range of dishes to choose from, eat and be happy.

Fang Fang, Arirang, Nanjing, Asian Fusion and The Oriental, are some of the hotels that serve Asian dishes. Golden Tulip Canaan Hotel, Metropole Hotel, Mestil Hotel, Protea Hotel, Emin Pasha Hotel, and Le Petit Village Hotel, are some of the hotels that serve continental and international dishes in Uganda.

How expensive are hotels in Uganda?

Uganda has all sorts of hotel facilities ranging from budget, to midrange, and luxury. Tourists go for what they can afford.

Budget hotel facilities offer basic comfort; self-contained rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and usually go for about $10-$30 per night.

Frequented budget hotels in Kampala include; Acacia Villa, Red Chilli Hideaway, Hotel Acacia, Minister’s Village Hotel Ntinda, Platinum Royale Hotel, Mamerito Hotel, Acactus Hotel, Florida Hotel, Satellite Hotel Kisasi, Bushpig Backpackers, Hotel Millenium, Sunrise Hotel, and Emerald Hotel.

Midrange hotels are usually high standard and can pass for semi luxury. Lodgers are offered comfortable accommodation; self-contained rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a supply of hot water, DSTV, and a free Wi-Fi access. Hotels in this category can go for about $40 – $150 per night.

Most visited midrange hotels in Kampala include; Emin Pasha Hotel, Kampala Suites, Cassia Lodge, Maries Royale Hotel, Bougainviller Hotel, Ivory Castle Boutique Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel, Hillside Plaza Hotel, Metropole Hotel, Hotel International, Freedom City Hotel, Kololo Courts Hotel and Apartments, and Silver Springs Hotel.

Luxury hotels go for about $160 – $1000 per night. These hotels offer their guests state of the art facilities and top-notch service.

Kampala’s most frequented upmarket hotels include; Kampala Serena Hotel, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Hotel, Mestil Hotel and Residences, Golden Tulip Canaan Hotel, Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Speke Hotel, Le Petit Village Hotel, Arcadia Suites Hotel, Imperial Royale Hotel, and Ivory Castle Hotel.

There is also the ‘shoestring’ category. Small hotels that offer very basic facilities; just a bed and breakfast, and can cost as little as $10 or less per night.

Hotels in Uganda are as expensive as you are willing to spend.

What kind of facilities do hotels in Uganda offer?

Hotels in Uganda offer accommodation in form of single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, quad rooms, queen and king rooms, deluxe rooms, twin rooms, suites of all types, connecting rooms, apartments, and villas.

Some of the room amenities hotels in Uganda offer include; free internet, coffee/tea maker, soundproof walls, air conditioning system, smart tv with satellite channels, minibar, en-suite bathroom, hydromassage bathtub, hair dryer, all essential linen, and 24-hour room service.

Other amenities include; restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, wellness centres, swimming pool, gardens and terraces, mini golf courses, tennis courts, conference facilities, and business centres.

How safe are Uganda hotels?

Hotels in Uganda are safe. Safety is priority and all hotels are required to put in place the necessary security precautionary measures before they are licensed to operate. Best Hotels in Uganda

Hotels have security guards who keep watch 24/7, strict checkpoints for both hotel staff and guests, hotel premises are properly fenced to keep from external intrusion, there is proper lighting in all public areas in hotels, fire extinguishers are setup, there is fire alarms to go off in case of a fire outbreak threat.

Several hotels have CCTV cameras installed to identify anything suspicious, emergency helplines are put in place for guests to make that call when they have to, hotel staff have identification tags so guests are able to report staff misconduct, and rooms have locks that can be secured anytime by guests when they need privacy.


List of hotels outside Kampala

The list of hotels in other regions of Uganda cannot be exhausted but here is a few of the most frequented hotels:

Western Region

Acacia Hotel (budget and midrange), Kosiya Hotel (midrange), Lake View Resort Hotel Mbarara (upmarket) (midrange and luxury), Rwizi Arch Hotel (upmarket), Dutchess Hotel (budget), Mountain of the Moon Hotel (upmarket), Green Hills Hotel Kabale (midrange), Skyline Hotel (budget), Capricon Hotel (budget), Ntungamo Resort Hotel (budget and midrange).

Eastern Region

Kingfisher Safaris Resort Hotel (midrange), Nile Village Hotel and Spa (midrange), Pearl on the Nile Hotel (midrange), The Mansion Hotel (midrange and upmarket), Hotel Paradise on the Nile Jinja (midrange), Mbale Resort Hotel (budget and midrange), Wash and Wills Hotel Mbale (midrange), Crown Suites Hotel (midrange), Soroti Hotel (budget), Mt Elgon Hotel (midrange and upmarket), Akello Hotel Ltd Soroti (budget), Piedmont Hotel Tororo (budget).

Northern Region

Bomah Hotel Gulu (midrange), Dove Nest’s Hotel (midrange), Lillian Towers Hotel, Lira (midrange), Baker’s Fort Hotel, Gulu (midrange and upmarket), Royal Crane Resort Hotel, Arua (budget), Mt Moroto Hotel (budget and midrange), Hilltop Hotel (budget), Nasera Suites Hotel, Moyo (budget), Windsor Hotel Pakwach (budget), Pacific Grand Hotel, Lira (budget), Terrain Hotel, Yumbe (midrange).


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