Best Time to Visit Uganda

Best Time to Visit Uganda. Uganda’s warm tropical climate makes the country an all-year-round tourist destination. Uganda’s temperatures range from 25 °C – 29 °C. This temperature tends to drop to 13 °C – 17 °C in the early mornings and late evenings especially in mountainous areas.

Although tourists flock the country throughout the year, Uganda has its high, low, and peak seasons. These seasons are determined by the country’s two major seasons; the dry season and wet season.

The dry spells occur in the months of December through to February and reoccur in June and last through early September.

The months of March to May and late September to November are wet seasons.

The best time to visit Uganda has more to do with what you want to do and less on the weather conditions.

This article will help every tourist who wants to decide the best time to visit Uganda based on their preferred safari activities.


January is one of the hottest months. The ground is dry, making walks and drives through the parks seamless.

Ideal safari activities

Game drives

This is the best time to visit Uganda for the wildlife enthusiasts as it is easier to spot wildlife. Most of them congregate at water holes and pools at this time of the year, as a result of pangs of thirst.

Gorilla trekking

Uganda’s tropical climate permits for occasional rainfalls in Bwindi and other parks but gorilla tracking excursions still go on unhindered.

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National parks and other safari destinations are somewhat quieter at this time of the year, since the festive season is long gone and the holidays for school-going children are done.


February is the climax of the dry spell. At this time the vegetation is dried and many water sources have dried in the parks and reserves.

Ideal safari activities

Game viewing

With the dry spell coming to an end, vegetation becomes sparse at this time and wildlife is easier to spot as they are on the move in search for remnant vegetation and water sources.

Chimpanzee trekking

This is the best time to visit Uganda for chimpanzee trekking. Kibale National Park is at its best at this time of the year. Tracking trails are dry and walking isn’t that strenuous. The famous Kanyanchu Primate Walk is a great chance to see the 13 primate species in the park.

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This can be the best time to visit Uganda because the number of travelers and safari prices tend to drop at this time of the year. This is a great time for those working on a tight budget to go for a safari.


March is the start of a long-wet season. Since parks are not at their optimum at this time, there is plenty of opportunity to see wildlife.

Ideal safari activities

Bird watching

This is the last month to see migratory birds in Uganda as they begin to depart in April and don’t return until November.

Gorilla trekking

Since the rains are just beginning to fall, the ground underfoot is not as slippery, so trekking is not as exerting. Also, there is a lot of food for gorillas on the lower mountain slopes. This means trekkers are likely to encounter the apes at the beginning of the trails, so trekking distances covered will be shorter.

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Since March lies out of the peak season, prices are lower and there is plenty of room at most lodges. This can be the best time to visit Uganda, for the avid birder and the tourist desiring to spend less.


April is wet. Both light and heavy rains are expected. In cases of heavy downpour, several roads and forest trails are in poor condition and some lodges and camps close.

Ideal safari activities

Although Uganda’s migratory birds are leaving at this time of the year, bird watching is still rewarding across the various habitats.

Every other adventure is still possible. You pack the right attire and you’re out for a great time. It’s advisable to carry rain gear and waterproof boots.

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Since it’s low season, the rates and prices are much lower. This is the ideal travel time for the safarist working on a tight budget.


The long rains usually continue into May. This may not be the best time to travel to Uganda but avid naturalists and anyone who doesn’t mind getting wet would still have a great time on a Uganda safari.

Ideal safari activities

Nature walks and sightseeing

Due to the persistent rains, landscapes are lush and nature is at its best. This is the best time to walk on foot especially when the skies are bright and blue after a downpour.

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This is not the best time to visit Uganda’s Bwindi for gorilla trekking since the ground is very wet and the trails are nearly impassable.

There are however cost discounts on several safari activities as a move to boost business which is low at this time.


June is considered a peak season and can be the best time to visit Uganda. It is dry again and all parks are accessible once again by road. Occasional rains may fall but the skies are clear blue most of the time.

Ideal safari activities

This is the best time for outdoor adventures. It’s the time for boat cruises, game drives, and viewing, nature walks, picnics, gorilla, and chimpanzee trekking.

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Early and advance booking is advised since demand for permits and accommodation at the best lodges is high.


July is among the best months to travel to Uganda. The temperatures are warm at this time and minimal rains fall. The climate is at its best.

Ideal safari activities

All activities and adventures are possible at this time of the year. It is peak season in all the parks and safari destinations across the country.

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Since its peak season, prices are higher as compared to other seasons.


This is the climax of the dry season again. It is still the best time to visit Uganda. Safaris to the wild are still the ideal way to pass the weekends and short holidays

Ideal safari activities

Game viewing and every other adventure is ideal at this time. Wildlife is easier to spot at this time of the year.

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The clouds become darker by the day, it’s advisable to go for safaris while the sun still lasts.


Early September closes the dry season. As the month wanes heavy downpours set in.

Ideal safari activities

Although somewhat wet, gorilla trekking still goes on in Bwindi and Mgahinga at this time. Every other safari adventure besides chimpanzee trekking still happens flawlessly. Kibale National Park is affected by bad weather at this time of the year.

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Consider foregoing chimp trekking at this time. The most favorable months for the activity are of January – February, and June – July.


October is usually the start of heavy downpours. Prices in the parks drop and there is more room at safari lodges.

Ideal safari activities

Almost all national parks are still open but Murchison Falls is the best place to be. The climate at the park is stable and this could be the best time to see the famous falls.

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All-time is the best time for the ardent adventurer.


November is a wet month. Rains are heavy in the thick forests, parks, and reserves. Occasionally the sun shines but the clouds seem to always tell of an impending downpour.

Ideal safari activities


November is the beginning of the best birdwatching season. Migratory bird species are moving to Uganda’s habitats in great numbers at this time.

Visiting Murchison Falls

The park has a favorable climate all year. Game viewing, boat cruises on the Nile, nature walks and birding, are ideal options.

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November isn’t the best time to visits Uganda for gorilla trekking but since the cost of trekking permits somewhat drops, a slippery trek and unpredictable rains may not be an impediment.


At this time of the year, the November rains are subsiding. The days are sunny with mild drizzles. The landscapes are lush and the ground underfoot is drying out.

Ideal safari activities


There is a huge and varied range of bird species in the various habitats since all migratory birds have arrived at this time of the year.

Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking

At this time the roads and tracts in Bwindi, Mgahinga, and Kibale national parks have become passable again.

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December is a particularly busy month. Ugandan families are on holiday and tourists from abroad are entering the country in large numbers, to get away for Christmas and New year’s festive. Earlier bookings for trekking permits and lodges are advised since demand is high.


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